Qtum Foundation will launch mini-farms for mining in space

Qtum Foundation believes that it is rather expensive to maintain the network, but if you send the processing power into orbit, you can save energy and money. After the space mining, the future was decided in Qtum, therefore they have already started the development of special platforms capable of efficiently operating in space.

The consumption of electricity for the Bitcoin network is constantly increasing, and with it the money costs are also growing. To reduce them, Qtum Foundation teamed up with SpaceChain to jointly develop and start putting into orbit ultra-small mining satellites weighing several kilograms.

Kubsat will be equipped with microcomputers based on Kaspberry Pi and software created by Qtum specialists. The satellites will drop the crypto currency in orbit using the PoS algorithm. This is an algorithm for achieving consensus, somewhat reminiscent of Proof-of-Stake – the right to confirm the transaction is provided to the nodes on whose accounts there were more funds for a certain time.

The extraction of crypto currency in space will not only save electricity, but also use cheap microcomputers instead of expensive specialized equipment.

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