Q&C| why is there no GPS in the black box of the aircraft is?

It wasn’t easy to find the black box of the plane Malaysia Airlines, flight 370, which disappeared in 2014, and dozens of aircraft other, if the black boxes are equipped with global positioning GPS? So why not that?!

The truth is that you can not put GPS system The GPS in the black boxes of the aircraft, it is simply a tracking system GPS, and any system that works by radio waves (Radio), under the water, which obscures those signals can be issued by the act of its organs is of no value, and therefore will be different in the case of the fall of the aircraft in the ocean for the current situation.

However, think of the aircraft industry companies in better solutions to facilitate finding the black boxes in the case of the crash of the aircraft in the ocean, for example, the company announced the European industry and “Airbus” Airbus has developed a new type of black boxes separate themselves from the plane in the event of disasters, and away floats on the surface of the ocean, it becomes easy to find first.

Can the Fund “Airbus” black, and working out in 2019, a lot of the time, where they can start investigations immediately to when find the Black Box II, which records another version of the talks cockpit conditions and measurement data of the aircraft, instead of waiting until I find the funds.

The current funds they are equipped with a device to send voice, is activated as soon as the fall of the Fund in money, the implementation of an audio signal every second show on his site, depending on the card, the Fund can last up to 30 days.

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