Q&C| Where Are you going deleted files from on your phone or your computer?

File storage on computers and phones in the image of the binary code of 0 and 1, When you delete a file, it moves to a new area called “trash” Trash, a process that forget where the computer where the file completely, though in reality it is not removed.

Nor is the removal of the deleted file completely unless you store another file on the space that was occupied on the hard disk, and here we mean just move the file in the same place which was occupied by the deleted file, but rather we mean that the computer logs the data on the sectors that were occupied by the deleted file, in order to understand it you need continue reading.

Factor not store data and information as one unit, but rather Asia in the sectors of the Sectors on the disk storage steel “phone”, says the operating system indexes the sectors of the file one with to make them together when you need to run.

So, when you delete files or move them to another place, the sectors remain blank unless data is transferred to a new, fast and most efficient for the computer is writing the new data always in the paths is not exploited on the disk storage, before starting to write on the tracks the old was ready.

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