Q&c| how to make bulletproof glass out? Password: plastic!

When you think about the glass industry of anti-energies fiery, focused scientific notion of the absorption of the glass the crew of the movement of the shots, distributing the impact over a larger area of the point of her contact with the glass.

Resorted to scientists to use multiple layers of glass are hardened by a layer of polycarbonate, a plastic material tough, flexible, does not affect the transparency of the glass, when they collide shot power the first glass, the layer of polycarbonate behind her, forcing the glass to move internally, instead of scattering its fragments as ordinary glass.

Enjoy this process, some of the kinetic energy for the gunshots, the impact of high speed energy fiery resistance to glass and polycarbonate does not, you lose energy fiery head sharp pointed, and her head is flat, and thus provide a large part of the ability of the bullet to breakout, and does not survive the gunshots in penetrating the other layers of bulletproof glass, which lurks interchangeably with layers of polycarbonate.

If we look at a clip from bulletproof glass, the composition will be in the order: coating anti-scratch – layer from the polyester – layer of polyvinyl butyral –layer glass – layer polyurethane – layer poly carbonate – layer polyurethane – layer glass – layer polyvinyl butyral – a ceramic paint – layer bottle.

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