Q&C| do electronic hookah better than smoking normal?

Indicate the most recent studies have shown that cigarette smoking shisha and e-Vaping is less harmful than normal smoking, and that the analysis of cigarette and hookah normal to its electronic counterpart improves clearly of Health, yet it is still smoking in itself is dangerous to health, according to other studies about smoking, to become smokers more prone to long-term mortality by 50% by the age of 70.

With regard to the cigarettes, the nicotine itself does not cause cancer, as to liquid cigarette or electronic hookah doesn’t contain any of the elements 70 carcinogens known, and found in tobacco, but it contains other chemicals, such as propylene glycol, which results from the heated up inside the electronic cigarette substance formaldehyde carcinogens.

Besides, the taste the flavors added to E-cigarette fluids are organic compounds are affected by heat and still scientists need more studies and time to study the impact of the harmful for electronic cigarettes and their compounds in the long run, life is not about 10 years in the markets so far.

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