Q&C| Déjà vu … why you see positions and they duplicate?

See sometimes we duplicate it does match like we passed by, a phenomenon called Déjà vu, but what’s the explanation for this phenomenon?

There are scientific explanations for several of the phenomenon of Déjà vu, quoted on his website “Life Science” for studies and references in the field of child psychology, including that the employee has already happened, and for some reason reminded her of the contract.

May be Apple also is an error in the processing of the contract of the employee, as trying two spooky action at once, what causes the feeling of repetition is not natural for the position.

Perhaps think of the phenomenon on the so-called “theory of disruption”, as the process of starting saline the nerve in the brain, what the person feels by repeating the scene that he sees.

It is said that the people living the conflict witnessed in some times part of the attacks that they suffer before they occur.

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