Q why Android will no longer automatically connect to Wi-Fi from which you disconnected

Surely you know the situation when you disconnect from a Wi-Fi network for some reason, but your phone is just a few seconds later trying to connect to it again. You are trying again to disconnect, but the phone, having a memory like a fish, sees the available network and reconnected to it.

In the end, you decide to completely abandon the Wi-Fi on your device and turn it off, and after a few hours, looking at the next series or YouTube videos while lying in bed, find they have spent far more than one Gigabyte of precious traffic via cellular.

If you disconnect from a Wi-Fi network, the smartphone will not connect to it again within 24 hours

If the above situation sounds familiar, you probably have to like one new improvement in Android Q. On the page describing the new version of the system on the Android Developers website now specifies that if the user manually disconnects from the Wi-Fi network, the device will not attempt to reconnect within the next 24 hours:

If the user uses the selection menu wifi to manually disconnect from one of the networks to which the device is connected automatically, then the network is placed in the black list for 24 hours. During the period of the black list this network will not be considered for automatic connection, even even if if a list of available networks will be updated.

Android Q full of small but pleasant surprises

Nice to see that more and more small, but important improvements appears in Android Q. We have already met with such updates as a new share menu and more adapted to the user interface notification. Who knows, maybe this innovation will ultimately save millions of people from accidentally wasted mobile data traffic.

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