Put in next September.. specifications iPhone 11 new

A “Bloomberg” that the company Apple started in preparation for its new iPhone 11, expected to be announced in September next, and drew the location of the “Bloomberg” that Apple has already begun in the development of processor chips for the phone under the name A13, carried out by the Taiwanese company TSMC.

She noted, “Bloomberg” reports that the Taiwanese company has embarked on the development of the processor last April, is expected to start in the process of mass production may.

She said a number of sites specialized in technical like “Business Insider” and”the sun” the new processor A13 will be mainly in the upgrades and updates that require the Apple company to add to copy iPhone 2019, where the efficiency of the processor is an essential step to upgrade the phone and increase battery life.

 The sites that copy the iPhone next you will get a formula similar to the iPhone current Xr and Xs and Xs the Max where you will get the formula D43 and D44 and N104, and according to reports will have the first two versions rear camera of the three, and the third have dual camera.

It is expected to be a version of the iPhone coming in 2019 thicker than the current version, to be able to host promotions and updates that you want Apple to add to the level of increased battery life and rear cameras.

According to reports expected to carry a copy of the iPhone next feature for the first time to appear in Apple devices, namely devices for sensing smell, to have the phone jump they can detect chemicals in the air.

The goal of adding that feature to detect hazardous chemicals found in the air, which may put the lives of people at risk of the registry, where it will be phone affiliated with the Department of special processing analyze and address the chemical compounds.

The newspaper “The Sun” British, that the new Apple phone will not support a property system operating 5G, according to Apple’s previous statements that it would not pose devices support that feature cutting edge by 2020.

As well as replacing the newspaper to be the new phone for Apple smart phones folding, because of its high cost, which may impede marketing plans and sales, especially after the results are good made by Samsung with its new phone rollaway which costs 1800 euros, and Huawei with the phone its Old its price is 2000 euros.

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