Put a copy of the Remaster of the game Sniper Elite v2 May the next

The company announced the developer of the British Rebellion put a copy of the Remaster of the game action and corrigendum Sniper Elite v2 on May 15 next. He drew the developer to that version will be available on current-gen consoles PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One and PC and Sotho discussion.

He pointed the developer to a copy of the Remaster of the game Sniper Elite v2 will be available across the region, he also noted that the game will be available digitally and physically, but for household only, with regard to price, he pointed out that women will be available at the price of 34.99 dollars.

Features a copy of the Remaster

He reminded the developer that the game graphics will appear better and more vibrant in the new version, where added to the game to support a full graphics 4k plus HDR to show the dark environments in the game and show the contrast in the lighting.

Also includes the enhanced version of all the contents extra that were issued in the previous, in addition to the possibility of making a group of characters, and improve the level of fantasy and detail the environmental, and to support the tire in 60 seconds, and improve the shape of weapons, explosions and vehicles.

Action game Sniper Elite v2

Considers the the game Sniper Elite v2 of the best war games, takes place during the period of the Second World War in Berlin Germany to eliminate Hitler and the German army.

It offers the player the role of an American agent specialist his name is “Karl” in World War II tries to destroy the rules of war for the German army and the goals of life, rockets, and the assassination of significant figures.

The game starts with training to learn basic movements and how to play, then start phase, the basic completion of the task demands termination, and allows the game player to choose the way of playing to finish the job.

The main weapon in the game is the safety of the channel, there is no gun muffler allowing for attention to health and make the game more difficult and fun, and when the shot tracking screen the bullet even hit the target and give the player a picture illustrative of how the impact of the bullet on the target.

Released game Sniper Elite v2 in 2012 on the previous generation devices and PC, and has made the game a huge success and it would be great improved graphics and better.

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