Published the first screenshot of Android 9.1

No sooner had the manufacturers to upgrade to Android 9 Pie even flagship smartphones, not to mention the devices from mid and budget price segments, as Google decided to release the next Android version number 9.1. This confirms the screenshot showing the control updated version of the operating system. Now the vendors will have to work hard in order not to lag behind the release schedule of updates set by Google.

Despite the seemingly uninformative represented by the screenshot, however, he is able to tell you something about the changes that await us in the next update of Android.

Innovations Android 9.1

First of all, this is the updated icons. 9.1 in the Android designers Google redrew the appearance of system icons, responsible for the activation/deactivation of wireless interfaces, modes and auxiliary functions that are available in the control room. It is impossible to say whether the system look better or worse, but with the fact that now the interface of the OS looks fresher than before, arguing is pointless.

Another interesting detail — the estimated time of the smartphone. Now in the control the user will be able to see not only the level of charge in percentage, but the remaining usage time before full disconnection. Most likely, this feature is part of the adaptive mode of the battery and generates predictions based on how you use the device. For example, if the user only calls and communicate by messengers, the time will be one, but if he regularly starts games and surfing the net, it will be completely different.

When will the Android 9.1

It is not known when Google decides to release Android 9.1. Most likely, the search giant will release an update before the end of January, as after only 3 months, in March, should begin beta testing Android Q.

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