PUBG Mobile is mobile game the most polarizing of revenue in the last month

PUBG Mobile

Needless to say, have the game PUBG Mobile very popular. Sure, you may not enjoy the same graphics that you enjoy on the computers, but that doesn’t stop the game that are very much popular in all over the world. In fact, this game has more than 100 million players per month, and not only that, they now considered it the game’s most polarizing of revenue on mobile devices.

The report issued by the newspaper Financial Times says that the number of analysts suggest that the game PUBG Mobile has achieved revenues of more than $ 146 million dollars in the last month alone. This includes the dance elements of the uniforms that he bought the players in addition to the funds that have been spent on the Game For Peace, which is the name that is launched on the game PUBG Mobile in China. This figure is much higher than the $ 125 million of revenue received by game Honor of Kings during the same period.

Reportedly, it has been divided the proceeds between the game the State game PUBG Mobile up to 76 million USD in the past month, while site game Game For Peace up to 70 million USD. What should be noted is that the game Game For Peace available only in China while PUBG Mobile is available in all over the world.

It was on company Tencent created another version of the game PUBG Mobile under a different name to the Chinese market after the refusal of the government regulatory bodies name PUBG Mobile. Is a modified version of a few of the game PUBG Mobile original which contains a national framework is considered less bloodshed.

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