Psiphon Pro latest version VPN paid version of reserve (free of charge)

The longer the app Psiphon Pro all publications since leaving the public, of the best VPN apps that may not of rivaled ease-of-Use and credibility of what he says of the services allow a user to browse the internet without fear tracers imposed by some states and providers of internet service.

New version number 214 is available with a fee as is the case for the backups of any application, but we here know it by registered Subscribed what you are dealing with as your official.
To investigate the advantages may not cover the use of previously including the display of the amount of data consumed in detail and bypass the ban and access to blocked sites and services blocked. Browse through the internet through server a foreigner excited about the pizza that a local server.

App size 9.5 best, and you can download it from the following link:

Psiphon Pro

When you run the app for the first time will ask you if you want access to services to address security through the browser only, or through all the apps installed on the phone which you can activate the app on WhatsApp and other applications.

The transition to TPU i Option you can specify the state in which you want to browse the internet through them or to leave the application on the preparation of its default.

You can stop an application at any time by clicking on Stop in the name of the

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