Protection tools built-in Android system.. what do you know about?

A lot of users of Android from attacks for suspicious files, extraneous to the operating system. Most often the user needs against these things to install the application “Android malware” to protect the device from any attacks of Spy suspect in time that is packed with the system Android, many of the means of self-protection within the installation of the system.

Some of the properties of the protection in the Android system Self-activation so that it does not depend on the knowledgeable user of its existence, but it says to defend the device automatically. The rest of the properties of self-protection for Android will highlight them now to help in enhancing the privacy of the device.

Google Play protect “Google Play protect

The water against the bulwark against any apps not working correctly or repeat the process stopped for some reason a security or even unknown, the job of the main is the examination of the Permanent device launch warning notifications once in a while the corruption of the application or give it without doing a manual download from the user.

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It’s also doing a prior warning for any application can be classified as a non-secure source, such as apps APK that installed from the web without Google Play don’t even the user prey to the development of trade and steal sensitive information.

You can be sure of the effectiveness of the tool to enter the device settings and then open the feature Security “security” then “security and Location” and then activate it if not active.

This subject protection tools built-in Android system.. what do you know about? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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