Protect your device from exploitation in the mining of the digital currency in this way

After the report of the last security that allegedly use the site te PCs to its subscribers in mining for digital currency without their knowledge, next to some of the sites that replace ads using the equipment of the visitor in mining for profit, protect your device against mining illegal without your knowledge is inevitable.

Report claim: te photographers used in the mining bitcoin

The use of an additional tool to the browser to protect you

There are many tools or browser extensions are available for a growing number of browsers and on top of Google Chrome and Firefox, which prevent the exploitation of browser in mining digital without the user being aware of any No Coin andMinerBlock.

You can search for them with the same name in the See Add-ons in the Firefox browser and installing one, you don’t need both, just one is enough.

How to use No Coin

Choose No Coin a little bit about MinerBlock but both are easy to use too. No Coin blocking any mining operations automatically and gives you the option to put the site on the existing permitted mining for one minute and even 30 minutes. As you can stop it at any time by pressing on the option pause No Coin.

How to use MinerBlock

With MinerBlock you can find out the number of sites that use your device in mining digital without your knowledge at any time, you can also add sites to the allowed list as in No Coin in addition to the property added manually.

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