Property of the Last Active in Instagram.. how to stop it?

Clear that Instagram wanted to start 2018 experience the advantages of the new or perhaps drawing attention to it, the application used by a large number of holders of smart phones around the world this year started offering a feature called the Last Active feature Last Seen provided by WhatsApp before, which already soon did not notice the desirability of users around the world begin to protest on the chest of the gas justified for the property in the application to share photos and videos.

The details of the feature Instagram new

To clarify the Action property of the Last Active new in Instagram, they are simply let others know the latest timing of the opened by the application appear in the list of direct messages or Instagram Direct, which shows another timing did your friend open the app in front of his name.

And related property to the last stop did you use or open the messages section in the app, it depends on your use for the whole, which certainly won’t like it a lot, so it almost has no benefit and is not in its proper place. Fortunately you can turn off the feature in your account whether you use Android or iOS.

How do you turn feature on Android

You can stop the operation of the property through the app, after going to your profile page, Go to Configuration Options by pressing on the three dots in the top right of the screen. It is here you will find the “Show Activity Status” close to in lead to the closing of the property. And don’t forget to update the application before doing so for it to work as desired.

How close the property on iOS

If you own iPhone steps doesn’t differ much, you’ll go to your profile and then choose the sign of gear and went to close the property in your account settings, to get rid of them completely. Certainly in this case also to improve the app.

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