Property of Screen Time in iOS 12.2 allows you to choose specific days and times to implement downtime Downtime

Allow you to the beta version of iOS 12.2, which was released to developers last week, set options downtime Downtime in the settings of “Screen Time” on a daily basis, which was not possible before.

Prior to iOS 12.2, I didn’t you can you can adjust the schedule for Downtime. Now you have more precise control that lets you customize the time of the Downtime for each day separately, which is very useful.

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It is worth mentioning that the Downtime is mainly aimed at allowing users to at the time of the use of certain applications. And now with the next update to the operating system has become the user can put the different time scales to modify the applications according to the days defined. For example, parents may wish to set up a time to stop working on devices of their children to fit in later in the weekend.

You can customize the schedule of the daily by going to Settings, and then Screen Time Screen Time, and, finally, the downtime Downtime. From there, the system makes iOS 12.2 easy to choose the same table (click on all day Every Day) or the allocation of water on a daily basis (click on the Customize days Customize Days).

وقت التوقف عن العمل Downtime في iOS 12.2

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