Property electrocardiogram ECG on Apple Watch Watch Series 4 !

Days before Apple launched the update watchOS 5.1.2 for an hour by the Smart added the feature of electrocardiogram “EKG ECG” for the Apple Watch Series 4 , a feature I’ve been waiting for owners of the previous a long time, come take a look at that new feature and its utility.

خاصية رسم القلب ECG في ساعة آبل Apple Watch Series 4 !
Characteristic EKG ECG in the Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 4 !

What is a EKG ECG?

Electrocardiogram Electrocardiogram known as ECG or test ECG is a tool or device for measuring the electrical activity of the heart is reliable in the diagnosis of some diseases of the heart as it is one of the routine checkups and famous that are usually asked by doctors of their patients.

Draw a heart in the hour of the new Apple TV.

Apple Watch the new Apple Watch Series 4 allows for the user to draw a heart using single pole built-in clock which is revolutionary by for a smart watch, but it is not strictly organs of the EKG in hospitals and clinics, which depend on several electrodes placed on the body.

خاصية رسم القلب ECG في ساعة آبل Apple Watch Series 4 !

The work of the ECG on the scene, the user opens the application the ECG of the arena and then puts his finger on the side button to start the application in a stopped descending for 30 seconds, after the user removes his finger, the app presents the result of the examination if it was normal or if the user suffers from a problem such as atrial fibrillation Atrial Fibrillation is one of the serious problems in the heart.

خاصية رسم القلب ECG في ساعة آبل Apple Watch Series 4 !

Can be synchronized as a result of the EKG with the application of the health on the iPhone, save them and view them when you want, as well as export them in image PDF file to share with your doctor.

خاصية رسم القلب ECG في ساعة آبل Apple Watch Series 4 !

Can we trust in the ECG over hours Apple TV?

This property is in the Apple Watch the new Apple Watch Series 4 holds a partial approval from the FDA FDA to the United States and the approval of the faculty, where he is not in favour of the use of such property with persons under the age of 22 years or who have been diagnosed already with heart disease. Characteristic EKG ECG in the Apple Watch is not designed to be a substitute for the devices EKG traditional.

This feature is available only in the United States of America due to the approvals and procedures to be followed with the official institutions in any state before proceeding to ask its users, and is expected to be put up in more states in the future once you have finished those actions.

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