Promotional video emphasizes on the design of the built in screen for Z6 Pro from Lenovo

Launched the Chinese giant Lenovo’s promotional video for its associated Z6 Pro that comes built in screen with sensor UD-fingerprint built-in screen.

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Use Lenovo to advertise phone Z6 Pro in 23 of April, where the phone appeared already in the leaked images live, as the recently published promotional video reviews the design of the phone clearly.

Comes phone Z6 Pro in the promo video published of Lenovo screen special built top. waterdrop, i.e. the opposite of what stated in the previous leaks that pointed to screen the hull of the protrusion with the camera pop-up, as confirmed by the promo video on the sensor fingerprint built-in screen.

Z6 Pro camera samples

Published as Lenovo also have some samples pictures taken with a camera phone Z6 Pro, which show the highest quality and clarity with vibrant, also to include a Z6 Pro with the chip Snapdragon processor 855, with sensor key camera accurately 48 mega pixel camera, also supports the fifth-generation networks with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh.


I know of

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