Programs the definition of each from Asus and Gigabyte featuring a range of security vulnerabilities


Asus and Gigabyte are among the prominent brands specialized in the creation of computer components such as motherboards, cards graphics. Unfortunately, it seems that induction programmes for these businesses which are distributed for use with its devices contain security flaws that may theoretically would allow hackers to execute malicious code on the computers of the victims.

The discovery of these vulnerabilities by security researcher Diego Juarez, which agree apparently with the two companies in the year 2017 earlier this year to familiarize them with the clinic. Unfortunately, despite warnings, it seems that Asus and Gigabyte don’t do a lot to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

When it comes to Asus, the fixes some defects that have been reported about, but there are still some security loopholes that can be exploited although it has been to tell the Taiwanese that the gaps by the security company SecureAuth where he works as a security researcher Diego Juarez. On the other hand, it seems that the company Gigabyte has denied the presence of any of these vulnerabilities, revealed the record of communication with SecureAuth.

Since then, the company SecureAuth post the results after over the time limit granted to both companies to fix those vulnerabilities discovered. This is a similar method resorted to by many other security companies, including Google itself which gives companies time to respond and fix security vulnerabilities in its software products by publishing this information to the public.

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