Program review MacX MediaTrans for iPhone and iPad

مراجعة برنامج MacX MediaTrans للايفون والايبادreview software MacX MediaTrans for iPhone and iPad

Remain the problem of transferring audio between devices various Apple, remains a big hurdle in front of users of these devices, especially iPhone or iPad iPad Touch.

Unlike Android, there’s no means a guaranteed to complete the transfer of photos, files, numbers, contacts, between iPhone or iPad like, using the verse of canyons difficult to use on the majority of the lovers of Apple .

From Here Comes the importance of the program MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans is the best alternative to iTunes. You can secure backup and transfer photos, music, videos and ringtones and an iBook, purchases, iTunes, etc., all in one fell swoop.

The program works on versions of windows as well as various devices Mac.

The problem of space and data loss and syncing prolonged errors or limitations of iTunes the other end when you use this program .

Manage your music on the faith of the playlist the way it is

  • Import and export music
  • Sync bi-directional transfer speed super-speed.
  • Create / delete / edit playlists
  • Add / delete / edit playlists without the limits of iTunes.
  • Modify artists and albums
  • The management of tracks, albums, and genres at once.

Manage and transfer video files

  • The accuracy of the original without decrease in quality
  • Download to a extensions different
  • MP3, AAC, AC3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, DTS, OGG,
  • The transfer of video between devices, iPhone or iPad various

Completely safe and strong encryption

Says MacX Mediatrans encrypts media files to your personal super fast, while providing the highest levels of security.

Using encryption techniques high quality such as AES-256 and more, The your photos and videos are protected against any piracy, even if you lose your iPhone or your iPad or if you fall into the hands of hackers.

Backup for photos, videos and files

The program also offers you a backup for every memorable moment on iPhone or iPad, which enables the transfer of images at once, without the use days cloud, you’ll only need 8 seconds to transfer 100 photos in 4K .

Get software MacX MediaTrans free

For a limited time you can download a full copy of the software for free instead of $ 60, all you are required to login to this page and write your email address correctly, and your download link on your mail.

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