Program review iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch for iOS&Android

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iSkysoft Toolbox - Switch (iOS&Android)iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch (iOS&Android)

Program review iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch for iOS&Android

If you’re looking for a convenient way to transfer data between phones-iOS and Android secure data transfer, including Contacts, Messages, Photos, Videos, Music, etc., maybe you’ll be interested to follow this topic.

iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch (iOS&Android) One of the solutions guaranteed to complete the process of Transportation Paseo way possible and an array of unique instruments .

Data transfer is quickly noticeable . The program is fully compatible with the operating system iOS 12 older 9, and all the new flagship phones like the faith of the X s and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 .

Alkalinization with the push of a button

When you upgrade to a new smartphone, you won’t have to leave all of your messages, or your contacts, or your precious photos, etc., program iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch (iOS and Android), it is most convenient for data transfer, helps you transfer almost everything between iOS devices and Android . More importantly, you can specify the types of files that need to be transferred from the previous phone to the new phone.

Supports all networks and all types of phones

It doesn’t matter what type of phone you Android, whether it is Samsung or Huawei or Sony or Shaw or the others, too, no matter what network your mobile phone, they will transfer your data with the utmost confidentiality and security.

The program can transfer data from phones Android to Android phones or to faith, it can also transfer data phones the faith to phones iPhone or to Android phones.

Advantages of the program iSkysoft Toolbox – Switch (iOS&Android)

  • Very fast, it takes only a few minutes to transfer everything you’ll need for your new phone.
  • Transfer data from phone to phone in 3 steps. Does not require IT skills and technical knowledge
  • Will not cause data loss during the transfer process.
  • You only you can access your data. Don’t worry about data leakage.

Way to work the program

  • Load the program used on your desktop, and select (Switch)

  • Connect two devices (previous and new) into a computer, as shown in the picture above .

  • Select the type of data that you want in transferred from the previous phone to the current, and then press (Start Transfer)

Systems supported by the program

  • Issue Android 6.0 Marshmallow and
  • iOS 9 and

You can download a copy free from the website of the official program , or buy the full version from here .

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