Program MacX MediaTrans alternative alien – version free pull on headphones AirPods on the occasion of the World Day for backup!

Program MacX MediaTrans is a program for Mac OS competent to manage files iPhone / iPad and transfer them to the computer, which is one of the best alternative software to program alien of the Apple TV and what its problems and limitations. We offer now free as you can get the license activation is a free program as well as a quiz and pull on headphones Apple AirPods !

MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans

Thanks to MacX MediaTrans, you’ll be able to get all the media you want on your iPhone or iPad Your without compromising the memory of the phone, all you have to do is install the app, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer profile and automatically will give you MacX MediaTrans all of the content on devices via your phone to enjoy the space more memory than any earlier time.

Features and MacX MediaTrans :

  • Convert any video to the most famous fishing such as AVI or MKV.
  • The possibility to import video or export it in 4K or 1080p.
  • The possibility to measure all the files of yours in one thread in a very simple manner.
  • The possibility to create playlists, customizable fully.
  • Sync music and podcasts between the Mac and the iPhone
  • Feature device use your iPhone as a USB drive the secret and mobile so you can store documents in secret, and open them on the computer through the program from anywhere, without the need to sync with the official services of the Apple like iTunes or iCloud.
  • The possibility of fixing the problems of the alien

Features beats out program MacX MediaTrans on the alien:

  • Greater speed in File Transfer
  • No loss of data when syncing
  • Backup and sync files without their recurrence
  • Not having to account to an iCloud to use.
  • Interface to use easy and without complications.
  • The possibility to reduce the size of the compressed files when you transfer them to the iPhone to reduce the space they consume.
  • Support most video and audio formats with the possibility to convert them for compatibility with the iPhone.

Get your free copy claimed to pull on the headphones AirPods

Now you can get a free copy of the program MacX MediaTrans (original value of$ 60) to everyone as well as entering on the pull on the 3 headphones Apple AirPods just by entering your email in the space provided on the contest page. This contest is in celebration of the World Day for backup World Backup Day March 31st of each year, which aims to make users more aware of the need to make backup copies of their important files.

MacX MediaTrans

MacX MediaTrans

The contest until the 10 day of April next, after which will be conducting the draw and select winners to the speakers and communicate with them.

Link to the contest for a free copy, smoke in the clouds

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