Program iMyFone TunesFix to fix all the problems of iTunes and special offer news applications

The program offers iMyFone TunesFix solutions advanced to fix any problems you may face in the iTunes application, if you encounter a problem and know the solution use the program will identify the problem accurately, with the push of a button will solve it in addition to not losing any data and integrates the program with all kinds of errors and innovative solutions.

آي تيونز ، iMyFone Tunes Fix

What are the mistakes and problems that deal with program iMyFone TunesFix :

  • Fix “unable to iTunes contact phone faith.”
  • Did not install iTunes. correctly
  • Could not the iTunes version or the restore
  • The sluggish performance of late

The program also offers many other advantages, for example, the program can remove the iTunes application on your devices without leaving any trace of the files hidden inside the system and even user data.

آي تيونز ، iMyFone Tunes FixThe program also offered a feature to delete files which are not useful, which occupy a lot of storage space. Such as files cache and cookies.

آي تيونز ، iMyFone Tunes Fix

Can the program also manage the library of the alien films, music, television programs, and transfer files from iTunes. on your computer to your faith and vice versa.

Download the program for Windows (demo version)

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