Program iMyFone Fixppo to fix black screen issue in iPhone problems iOS other!

Program iMyFone Fixppo is a program emergency and intractable problems for iOS 12 the iPhone and iPad which may require you to go to the shop for maintenance or to follow complicated steps may not be mastered by a lot of people and probably cause trying to solve the bigger problems, at the touch of a button will solve the program iMyFone Fixppo complex problems Case Black and other.

برنامج iMyFone Fixppo - لإصلاح مشكلة الشاشة السوداء في الآيفون ومشاكل نظام iOS الأخرى!
Program iMyFone Fixppo – fix black screen issue in iPhone problems iOS other!

Features and iMyFone Fixppo :

  • Solve the problem of black screen in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • To solve the problem the machine stops in the position Recovery Mode or circle animated logo or Apple TV.
  • Solve the problem of the screen of the White iPhone and iPad.
  • Solve the problem of automatic restart of the continuous “boot lube”
  • Solve the problem of the / inability to update.
  • Solve the problem of forgetting the password when you bypass the screen lock.
  • Problems are solved without any loss of data.
  • You can solve problems automatically and easily through the standard mode without any loss of data.
  • Feature the Advanced Mode to resolve any problem is not resolved through the standard mode, but it may cause data loss.
  • The possibility to refer to the iOS version without jailbreak.
  • The program works online and is available for Windows and Mac.
برنامج iMyFone Fixppo
Program iMyFone Fixppo
برنامج iMyFone Fixppo
Program iMyFone Fixppo
برنامج iMyFone Fixppo
Program iMyFone Fixppo

Free version and of software

You can download the program iMyFone Fixppo free and experience a demo version with limited advantages, or you can purchase the full version to backup of the program at a starting price of 35$ instead of 50$ for a limited time only.


Coder: iMyFone


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