Program File Explorer in Windows OS could get a new design this year


Company Microsoft updated the File Manager File Explorer in Windows OS steadily over the years, but if you people who think that maybe it’s time to make some improvements to its design, you may be lucky because according to HTNovo, it seems that Microsoft is determined to update the design of the program File Explorer later this year.

The new version of the program File Explorer you’ll wish design language Fluent Design Your Company which launched a few years ago, a design language that made its way slowly to the different applications and services of Microsoft Corporation. We’re not sure of the final figure, but the position of the HTNovo reviewed some sound deadening and created by Michael West, a designer working at Microsoft.

If we assumed that the final result looks like what we see in the picture above, we must say that there will be some aesthetic changes is great, but we’re not sure whether the new design will bring new features to the File Explorer also, but will have to wait to see the final result. Although the official launch of these changes may not occur until the year 2020, this report supports that you must make these changes her way to the participants in the program Windows Insiders later this year, so maybe we’ll find out more about the changes at that time.

The company made changes over the years, as is the case in Windows Vista and Windows 7, but this has been a tremendous change once circulated to all users.


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