ProgPoW to be: the developers have collected money for the audit

Core developer of Ethereum Hudson Jameson spoke about the funding of third-party audit ASIC-resistant algorithm ProgPoW. He stated at the last meeting of the developers of Ethereum. According to him, it has accumulated 50 thousand DAI — DAI decentralized tablconv, backed by dollars. All funds were collected through donations.

Jameson also noted that the audit should begin this or next week. Or asik ASIC device for mining, which use special-purpose chips. They are adapted for more efficient mining cryptocurrency based on a specific hash algorithm. The main competitor of Asimov are card. But they are not so productive, and ProgPoW targeted at reducing the competitiveness of Asimov against GPUs.

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Introduction ProgPoW discuss since August 2018, with core developers of Ethereum first started talking about it on 4 January. At the moment most of the leading programmers agree with the concept, but I think that for testing and implementation of the new algorithm need more time and don’t hurry. It is also known that the launch ProgPow will lead to a significant drop Hasrat Ethereum, but analysts do not consider it a significant problem.

What about DAI?

As reported by representatives Cointelegraph in February, after the first approval of the implementation ProgPoW core developers changed their minds and decided to postpone the launch to a third-party audit. A recent analysis showed that in the last time DAI hard is fighting for its place in the market, while proponents of the platform I believe that soon this token will be the main steilcoom to kriptonyte. In our cryptodata you will find lots of other useful information.

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