Profits of the company Epic Games of game Fortnite miss the profits generated by some of the state

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Between now and then, we come across games possess for some reason the ability to generate a huge amount of money. Returning to the last decade, there have been games such as Angry Birds, and in the current decade we have seen games such as Flappy Bird, then there was the game Candy Crash, and more recently was a game Fortnite Battle Royale is able to make a fuss among the players.

In fact, according to a new report from the website TechCrunch, has hinted that the game Fortnite Battle Royale brought to buy Epic Games up to $ 3 billion dollars of profits in the year 2018. Note that we are talking here about the profits, this means that this is what I got company Epic Games after deduct everything else such as the expenses of the company. In fact, a website called DualShockers that the profits reaped by the company Epic Games outweigh the profits that are reaped by the 29 states in 2017.

According to the GDP of the state in the year 2017 on Wikipedia, there are more than 20 countries had a GDP which stands less than $ 3 billion. And, of course, Epic Games isn’t the only company that achieve such huge profits, but given that all these achievements come from behind just one game, it is impressive to a great extent.

The fact that the game is available for free download and it can run on many devices and makes them accessible to a large number of players, which makes it easy for anyone to access if he was interested in her experience.

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