Profits Facebook might go down after the scandals of privacy

You may register a company Facebook this week a decrease rarely in profits after a series of privacy violations and scandals news fake, so this will be the first decline in quarterly earnings since mid-year 2015.

Analysts expect, under its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, the pressure to implement the social network, to decrease the company’s net profit to $ 4.7 million in the first quarter, of about $ 5 billion a year ago.

As analysts have pointed out the possibility that the profits of Facebook annual for the year 2019 is slightly lower than its profit of $ 28.7 million during the past year, where the implementation of the company additional amounts on the face of the news fake, and illegal content, and to address violations of the data, and privacy concerns.

And Facebook to attract more users and ads, is expected to increase the volume of sales in the first three months of the year to $ 15 million from $ 12 million.

It includes a series of scandals and the role of Facebook in the Russian influence on the US presidential election for 2016, the scandal of the political consulting firm of Cambridge Analytica, which has got personal data of millions of personal files without consent.

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Attacked the privacy commissioner New Zealand Facebook this month after hosting a live broadcast attacks Christchurch that left 50 people dead, raising Mark Zuckerberg in an interview after the attacks comply with any changes in the technology of live broadcast, including time-delay in the live broadcast.

She acknowledged the Facebook and Royal for Instagram, last week that the millions of users of Instagram were affected due to the fault of the security more than had been revealed previously, and after that store accidentally passwords of hundreds of millions of users without encryption.

And Zuckerberg earlier reforms, and recruited the company of thousands of content climate control, stop the emergence of videos of the violent, used Facebook Artificial Intelligence to learn the news fake and hate speech.

The company increased during the past year the amount of money spent on the security and protection of Mark Zuckerberg, bringing the amount to about $ 22.6 million.

Agreed Facebook is also criticized by the European Union due to their laws new relating to advertisements of political Online gives parties the European Union from campaigning in the European elections in May.

Wrote Nick Clegg Nick Clegg, the head of global affairs at Facebook, to Antonio Tajani Antonio Tajani, president of the European Parliament, to say that the company is exploring ways to exempt 19 parties and political institutions of the European laws relating to the advertising the political.

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