Professionals spoke positively about the sound HomePod

Fast Company journalists together with experts Studio NTi Audio AG, engaged in manufacturing professional measuring instruments for the speakers, tested the HomePod. The experiments showed that all claims of Apple’s unprecedented high-quality sound brand speaker as well as his ability to adapt to the environment is absolutely justified.

“We tested [HomePod] in conjunction with the NTi Audio AG, a company that is busy developing the hardware and software used during the acoustic tests, — says Fact Company. The result was very good. Apple has been able to automate the process of adaptation dynamics to external conditions, which usually requires special knowledge and tools for settings”.

This became possible due to the complex array of software and hardware components HomePod. The speaker is equipped with a system of highly sensitive microphones, reading the behavior of sound waves and thereby determining the presence of obstacles in the room. The obtained information is transmitted to the processor which activates the algorithms for adjusting the sound.

Performed measurements showed that the change in the frequency range 6.3 Hz — 20 GHz with movement dynamics from place to place is not greater than 0.95 dB. Given the fact that the average person is not able to detect changes up to 1 dB, this is an excellent result.

It is known that the HomePod by default, supports Siri, which helps the speaker control, but his true intelligence is a sound processing algorithms, experts believe. Now we can confidently say that the positioning of the HomePod as “smart” devices in the first place is not dictated by the presence of voice control, but hidden inside the unit assistant is responsible for reproduction.

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