Profession ancient Egyptian women were identified on the remains of her teeth

When studying ancient cultures it is sometimes difficult to say what he did or that person. Fortunately, in Ancient Egypt, along with the dead, put a variety of items that were associated with their status and craft — in most cases the activity of the Egyptians was determined according to these findings. There is another, more accurate way to determine the craft of the ancient people — a study of their skeletons. Recently, researchers from the University of Alberta examined the teeth lived 4,000 years ago Egyptians and found out that she was engaged in a very unexpected trade.

Египетские женщины

The marks on her teeth, clearly implying that she was a seamstress. This is a very surprising discovery because previously it was thought that Egyptian women were open only to seven professions: priestesses in temples, singer, musician, dancers, mourners, weavers and midwives. Apparently, the seamstress was very respectful — she was buried in a wooden coffin with the alabaster vessels, bronze mirror, and cosmetics.

In contrast to 1070 the teeth, found in the necropolis where were found the remains, teeth this woman had an unnatural for chewing places worn. Two Central incisor was worn in the form of a wedge, and 14 other teeth were flat abrasion. The researchers came to the conclusion that the artisan teeth were split cane, which was used for weaving baskets, sandals, mats and even curtains.

The condition of the teeth of an Egyptian woman says that she often formed plaque and she often suffered from pain. These problems are likely to have been associated with adhering pieces of cane, and some abrasion hint at the frequent use of analgesics to soothe sore gums.

This study once again proves that the teeth can pretty much tell about ancient people. Previously, scientists have been able thus to find out the profession of people — as tooth enamel even helped to determine what to feed on human ancestors in the stone age.

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