Products SanDisk for available discounts been

The company intends SanDisk one of the best companies that provide products outside storage, including memory external to smartphones and flash storage in addition to the devices hard drive, now available discounts Amazon for a limited time.

Memory 64 is

Its advantages:
– Transfer speed up to 100 meg per second.
– Compatible with phone apps to manage files easily.
– Resistant to shocks and heat.

– Previous price: 22.99$
– Current price: 18.36$
– To buy: click here.

Memory 256 is

Its advantages:
– Transfer speed up to it in a second.
– Allows transfer of photos and HD videos quickly.
– Resistant to water and heat.

– Previous price: 127.95$
– Current price: 68.80$
– To buy: click here.

The memory 64 is for cameras professional

Its advantages:
– Transmission speed of up to 95 Meg in a second.
– Allows storage 22,756 High-Resolution image.

– Previous price: 52.45$
– Current price: 22.30$
– To buy: click here.

Tablet external storage capacity of 64 is

Its features:
– Transfer speed up to 150 Mbps via USB 3.0.
– Allows transfer not complete within 30 seconds.

– Previous price:
– The current price:
– To buy: click here.

Hard your standard capacity 1 Tera

Its features:
– Transmission speed of up to 550 Meg per second.
Shock – resistant, water and dust.
– Compatible with devices Windows and Mac.

– Previous price: 349.99$
– Current price: 197.98$
– To buy: click here.

Storage disk capacity of 200 GB with the support of transport Wi-Fi

Its features:
– Support WiFi file transfer or via the traditional home.
– Allows encryption with a password.
– Compatible with smart phones and computers.

– Previous price: 119.99$
– Current price: 59.66$
– To buy: click here.

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