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The usual that Apple will hold a second conference after the iPhone and this started since 2011 and will continue until 2018, was abolished only in the years 2015 and 2017 and this conference will be at the end of October has lagged Apple for the start of November, so expect to see during the two weeks Conference of the new Apple if the company decides to cancel it this it semi-unlikely because there are a large number of products will almost certainly skyrocket to users in 2019! If you’re wondering what those products are, that’s what we will share with you me in this article..

1) your Mac Pro 2019

The device that revealed several months ago at the WWDC conference said that it will be the end of the year. The situation as we know it is one of the most powerful devices of PC in the world area. The device will come with Intel Xeon processor with 28 Windows! This coupled with its support up to 1.5 terabytes full of memory RAM! If you ask the price, it probably will start from 5.999 USD it is rumored that it will be price it in the higher the possibilities to more than $ 30 thousand and this amount is able to buy a house or car in some countries😂 however, this does not negate the fact that this device is for professionals and not for ordinary users.

Mostly cause of the delayed launch of the device is economic war Chinese American initially was going to trade in China then Apple has found that it will be subject to customs punitive gesture deciding to assemble it in Texas, the United States and not in China and advanced Apple applications for exemption of the customs of some parts of the device and attacked Trump these requests, but it was said later that he agreed to invest apple of Customs. So mostly that business community already started in America after the obstacles of the war and left only to learn Apple about the details and materials of the breasts.

2) your MacBook Pro screen 16-inch

We have seen a large number of leaks about this device and some of them came from a local Apple famous Ming-Chi Kuo who revealed that the device will come in the last quarter of 2019, which has already begun.

Also the new Pro will come with a screen measuring 16 inches but with the same size of the previous version where that extra inch will come as a result to reduce the size of the edges (Bezels) your company any we’ll have a bigger screen with better design this is besides that the device will come without a keyboard Butterfly usual but besides all that, we get ready for the price of the device if you are going to buy it, as its price starts from US $ 3,000 according to the reports currently deployed.

3) devices iPad new

Appeared on the database of the Eurasian Economic Commission (the Eurasian Economic Commission) the number of products for Apple which is classified as tablets in that there are seven symbols of particular products have appeared, among these the icons were there: A2197, A2198 and A2200, which it turns out later that it was a special iPad 10.2 Inch which was announced at the Apple event of the past which confirms that there is a iPad or two will be announced and who attributed to them the rest of the icons.

Expected to be IP devices-the iPad killer is alternatives or updates to the iPad Pro special last year, whether it was led by a 12.9 or 11 inches, that while there are rumors of many recently emerged confirming that the iPad Pro next will get the camera background triple such as those found in the iPhone 11.

It’s worth noting that Apple has announced about the devices iPad Pro for the 2018 conference in the month of October also is what makes the festive advent of the IP-the new iPad in this month are great.

4) trackers Apple (Tags)

Devices iPhone 11 new came with a partner named U1, this slide will allow the establishment of a network connection between the devices, which include the same slide that are of course devices iPhone 11 and also trackers Apple (Apple Tags).

Simply these small pieces will be subject to paste or network hardware or other products, and through iPhone, Your you will be able to locate and reach in case it is lost or stolen, this lovely home will be announced with the confirmation this month due to the frequent news leaks that appeared around him.

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5) Apple TV new

As we know Service Watch Apple TV+ will be launched on 1 November, i.e. after less than one month, and most likely you will need this service for your Apple TV a new to run the best quality because the Apple TV Current it has been launched in 2017.

Probably we will see in the next conference Apple TV 2019, which will come with a processor Apple A12 Bionic which is a speech processor that we saw in the iPhone XS so we expect the performance of the mighty of the new device that is if your health this information is that while it is logical to a large extent due to the Apple service arcade in the picture is that you’ll need the strength of the state great to run games at the best resolution possible on a big screen.

Note: your Apple TV is not TV it is a small device be connected to a TV comes in The Shape of a box.

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What is the date of the conference? Will we see something else?

It was usual to hold the conference in the last week of October as we come to this week, with no announcement from Apple about the date of the conference, maybe the company decides to delay it to the first or second week of November.

Something else maybe revealed by Apple at the conference which is the third generation of headset AirPods –this link for more on her – and also your HomePod at a price of $ 299 USD but the latter did not see any leaks and the first “heaven” of leaked specifications and images.

What is more middle of the waiting between these products? Do you think that Apple may surprise us and new products totally didn’t get the leaks? We shared right now in the comments..


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