Product update game Snowboarding Grand Mountain Adventure

In the past year, appeared the first copy of the preview “experimental” for the game Grand Mountain Adventure it is the game skate on ice using the trade analysis for sure.

After that, precisely in the month of March of the current year, the game was launched officially on the Google Play Store.

تحديث مُنتظر لـ لعبة التزلج على الجليد Grand Mountain AdventureProduct update for the game skating on the ice GrandMountainAdventure

Has the game got the attention of a wide classification of strong 4.4 stars, that’s what if Del shows the game’s success.

Anyway, there’s an update coming for the game it is natural that we have the “update product”. Where one of the developers on the platform “Reddit” explain the simple part of the next update, which will increase the adventure skiing, as well as adding some mountains and new challenges.

Winter has only just begun

Next week we hope to get out a press release with the launch date and some more info, but until then I recorded some clips!Don’t forget that our beta in the Play Store has been updated a lot last week:

Publiée par Grand Mountain Adventure sur Samedi 9 mars 2019

Where above and across the first video shows the current version, or the second video is for the event associated with the game Grand Mountain Adventure, and although it cut short but it should provide an idea of what is available.

On the other hand, until this moment, we do not have any particular date to release the update on Android.

But there is a possibility to receive the Android users the update, at the same time, which is the launch of the game on the iOS system.

Finally, once you launch the update we are assured that it will be a favorite toy of all, being a competitive game involves different challenges.

And if you want to currently try it, they are already available on the Google Play Store for free, that supports some elements of the internal purchase.

Download game Grand Mountain Adventure on Android.


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