Processor i9-9900K not outperform significantly over rival Ryzen 2700X, in fact,

i9 9900k

Shortly before the publication of Intel Corporation tests the performance between the therapist say i9-9900K and AMD processor who is popular between the players Ryzen 2700X, and according to these tests the processor i9-9900K outperform by up to 50%. Well, it seems that this wasn’t entirely true.

According to a new report on Forbes, the tests conducted by Principled Technologies were not accurate and fair and right, and that’s because these tests include activating the Game Mode, which undoes the work of half of the nuclei in the AMD processor full! In addition to the use of the primary coolant to see AMD, while the processor i9-9900K on the cooler.

After I encountered these facts, the Principled Technologies that the results were not accurate, and returned to conduct tests in a fair this time, and the result is the gap between therapists significantly this time, and to clarify that the difference in average between therapists and up to 15%. For example, the difference in performance of the Ashes of the Singularity is 17.7%, not 57.2%, and the difference in the performance of Assassin’s Creed Origins is 12.3% and is 41.7%.

In terms of price, the processor i9-9900K more expensive by 66% of his posts Ryzen 2700X.

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