Problem with Bitstamp. Exchange closes accounts without explanation

Cryptocurrency exchanges are experiencing problems. The sites there are problems within the system which usually affects ordinary users. For example, in December Bittrex is not credited deposits, which balances remained at zero. Now the center of attention was on Bitstamp.

Bitstamp. Negative reviews

About the problem was informed by a reader of our site. According to him, Bitstamp closed the account. To get in touch with the support fails because no phone is not working. The case is not unique, as evidenced by the records of the victims on the Internet.

About delete the account, inform in Account termination notice. Explanation no employees simply refer to the terms of service and the internal policy of the platform.

Personally, I have had trading volumes of over 500 thousand dollars. Scheme: Swiss bank — Bitstamp — best wallet. No crime is guaranteed.

According to the reader, with such faced by many users of the platform. Some get to return access. But it happens a few months later, and subject to constant attempts to seek the truth.

Bitstamp was the main exchange for me because of the name and lack Haimovich tools. Maybe my bitter experience will help someone and will save money.

To solve the problem until not. Contact corny no one.

None of the contacts provided on the website does not work.

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