Problem new surprise the users of the phones Pixel 3 Latest

مشكلات جديدة تفاجئ مستخدمي هواتف Pixel 3 الأحدث

It seems that the complaints stated against the phones Google later, Pixel 3, and will not be available in the near future, as it appeared on the surface of New some talk harsh about the various disadvantages of the phone, is that the deletion of the sudden the text messages without the desire of the customer.

Crises renewed

With the release of the phones Google, Pixel 3 وPixel 3 XL, announced some of the users were very satisfied with the products Google New, what prompted some to predict he would be the talk of the smartphone market in a different period, namely, the prophecy that have already been achieved, but a negative is not available at all.

It started with the Signal users to defect to justify when you make calls to phones Pixel from Google, is to hear the humming sound annoying, before showing another complaint frequently, you receive that time in the hottest phone severe during the shipping process, which did not stop at this limit, but link to the complaint from the crises in the management of the memory of your phone, cause the deleted photos and apps on the phone, contrary to the will of the users, to show on the horizon right now. another disadvantage is serious, with regard to frequent not only for applications, but also for text messages on the phone.

Shock Google

No sooner had the passing days on the issuance of company Google statement of apology, and a promise about the crisis of memory management, which led to the cancellation of photo apps phones Pixel, only emerged a leadership crisis those phones deleted text messages, on its own, what puts the company’s global months in the area of online search, in an awkward position I didn’t think to confront him.

Revealed reports on the complaints by deleting the text messages for the first time, during the beginning of the month of November current, as witnessed this month a large number of communications and complaints support services for Google, which replied that there is a team of designers working right now on resolving the crisis as fast as I can, do you believe those promises this time?

Obviously, the crisis will continue for some time, before the work the Google team in the discovery of a secret shopper in that noise, that surrounding the phones Pixel, to get positive publicity, which has seen its latest devices, Google’s smart, to the other very negative.

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