Problem in microphone iPhone 7 is Apple refuses to repair for free!

With the beginning of the year I thought the Apple TV there was a problem in some versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cause stop the action of the microphone, and the Apple TV under the guidance of its stores and agents authorized to resolve the problem free of charge even if the phones were the source of the problem outside of the warranty period, this is no longer available now for unknown reasons!

مشكلة في ميكروفون هواتف آيفون 7 و7بلس وآبل ترفض الإصلاح مجاناً!Problem in microphone iPhone 7 is Apple refuses to repair for free!

Phones affected with respect to her microphone since he can’t the other party’s listening page when you make regular calls or do conversations visible through FaceTime, as well as users miss the absence of sound in video clips or voice notes of their own.

يتعطل الميكروفون أثناء إجراء المكالمات على بعض هواتف آيفون 7 / 7 بلسWith respect to the microphone during calls on some phones, the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

And you mentioned Apple earlier to the need to disable Bluetooth or any audio devices connected to the phones designed as the principle solution to the problem, as the solution of the problem on some devices through updates to iOS cascading but it reappeared again after the iOS update 12.1.1.

Document your recognized Apple TV problem display solved free have been deleted suddenly for reasons unknown to months ago. The users who went to repair their phones outside of the warranty period they were surprised to have to pay 300$ almost a reform which is of course unacceptable, and did not want Apple officially up to date on it!

Have you had that problem before on iPhone 7 / 7 Plus? What did you do?

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