Problem in Fast Shipping In phones pixels after obtaining the Android Bay

Pixel 2

Over the past weeks reported many users of the phones Pixel and Pixel XL about the problems in the use of devices shipping fast after gaining on Android P. because the system was in the pilot phase it was expected that this problem is solved immediately launch the final version of Android 9.0, which did not happen!

Think of all the phones Google of the model pixel on Charger USB Power Delivery for the fast shipping, and usually gets the users from the message “quick charging” on the lock screen when charging the phone. After receiving a copy of the 2016 from phone pix to update Android P no longer show this message.


Notice the users that this problem started to appear after updating the phone to version demo for Android 9.0, and then for Android bay, which means that this problem is the software has are processed by an update is sent later, despite the fact that Google didn’t know it until this moment.

Do you have one of the phones the first generation of the pixel, and suffer from this problem? We shared your experience in the comments.

The problem with fast charging in phones pixels after obtaining the Android Bay was first deployed in the are.

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