Privacy plus prevents social networking sites from tracking users browsers Chrome and Firefox

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آدبلوك بلس يمنع مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي من تتبع المستخدمين بمتصفحات كروم وفايرفوكس

Announced the company responsible for the tool ad-blocking privacy plus Adblock Plus from the add a new feature to prevent social networking sites from tracking users browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, in order to frustrate the processes of collecting data about Users and track what they are looking for on the internet sites by the social networking sites famous and on top of the Facebook site.

The aim of this new feature of privacy plus to thwart the tracking of the users which arise from the buttons to social networking sites like buttons likes and share tools comments, it is through these buttons sites can track users and build so-called shadow files Shadow Profiles about a user even if he didn’t save them or, if not registered to access any of these sites.

He was tracking users one of the thorny issues in the recent period, which sparked controversy among experts and those interested in particular and of Facebook, it’s among the many questions posed to facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg -in his questioning of members of the US Congress earlier this year – there was a question about how to track Facebook people on the web, even if they didn’t log on for social network or being registered members, so that the existence of this it may violate the Decree of approval of 2011 which was handed over Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission.

To activate this new feature can to users to add privacy plus Subscribe to a block list buttons both in the browser Chrome or Firefox. The company also options to white list for specific Web sites so that they do not track users and record their data without their permission.

The record spokesman for privacy plus in publications across the city that Apple are a source of inspiration-or at least an example – for security and privacy of the users saying: “We’re in the privacy plus all we care about is the privacy of the user and are happy too to see other companies defend these cases where Apple recently announced at its conference for developers WWDC 2018 added tothe new security features in operating systems by prevent the tracking of social media users, and that is great news for users and a slap in the face to companies that do not offer the privacy of users and to maintain the value of their data above all else”.

Users of Mac and iPhone who will update to the operating system MacOS Mojave or the new version iOS 12 will be able to block all social media tracked by default, although it can enable certain web sites if they so choose, and will add privacy plus providing this feature is currently for users of Apple’s Safari browser until the launch of Apple’s new releases of operating systems.

It is worth mentioning that the company developed to add privacy plus a Eyeo has won a lawsuit last April against the publishers of the Germans who tried to stop their services in AD-blocking Adblocking. Where confirmed the ruling by the German Supreme Court that the consumer’s right to block any ads I don’t wish to see her.


Privacy plus prevents social networking sites from tracking users browsers Chrome and Firefox

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