Prints in the screen a mess S10 works with Screen Protection

Announced the South Korean company Samsung officially on its phones the leading in the name of the Galaxy S10, so that the launched 4 version: version Galaxy S10 standard, version Galaxy S10+, version Galaxy S10E economic and special in the name of the Galaxy S10 5G.

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The new phones bring the advantage of insight within the screen, and are available in all women except women economic support footprint within the button, where previously the official announcement, several rumors indicate that the footprint within the screen will not work if you put the screen protection, which is not true.

Reports that emerged after the official announcement of the phone from e-health, which indicate that they got permission from the company Samsung, said that the insight within the screen can work perfect with screen protection if they are made of plastic, while will not work with the protection screen made of glass, which is usually thick and strong.

Reader insight within screen phones Galaxy S10 depends on the technology of ultrasound, which means you need to press with your finger on the screen to select your prints, while having a layer of thick glass above the actual screen can affect this process.

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Source: The Verge

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