Prices phones 2019.. Samsung choose the fifth generation phone a folding rate of 50 thousand pounds!

Are you thinking about buying a new phone on the solutions to 2019?, the Unfortunately, you have to double the price or replace the phone you want to purchase another, less expensive, because the telecommunications companies manufacturing smart phones in the world, intend to raise prices with the advent of the New Year, days after.

The reason for this willingness of telecommunications companies to move from LTE to the fifth-generation Telecom 5G, with the aim to be the premium super-fast speeds of data response time low between the device and the network.

Are you asking about the prices of the phones?.. Let’s start with Samsung and LG and One Plus, during the last few days about its intention to put smart phone technology, the fifth generation next year also, while Apple decided to wait until the year 2020 to ask her phone working with this technology.

The prices of Samsung phones

Intend to Samsung asking the phone rollaway soon, is likely to be priced between GBP 1500 to 2000 pounds sterling (about 50 thousand Egyptian pounds), it would be at a price 1930 $ 2570 USD, the price of the Note 10 will up the price to $ 1,300 (about 24 thousand Egyptian pounds).

The prices of phones Oneplus

Revealed OnePlus One Plus is that the phones that will support the 5G will be their prices are more expensive than current phones, with ranges between $ 200 to $ 300.

The prices of LG phones

The prices of LG phones may be suitable for you, including phone LG G6 and its price is 15600 pounds, and the LG phone to V30 and its price is 18000 pounds, the LG G3 Dual-LTE and its price is 4100 pounds, the phone LG G4 price, 5478 pounds.


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