Price and specifications of the Recife Spider golden SPIDER V900

The category of another new and distinct from Recife and Spyder that works through the internet and broadcast IPTV high quality and without chopping, what features it offers the new SPIDER V900 is the number of extended contributions built up to 2 full years you can with her follow-up to the best of encrypted satellite channels at the lowest cost possible.

There are many official servers of the board of directors less than a little bit in terms of price but in most cases the requirements are not older than one year you have after purchase will keep the New where there is no advantage to rebuy the house, and it will be his equivalent to the value of the Recife new or around.

The graphic provides SPIDER V900 benefits of the price exclusive, we know here the most important thing :

  • Clash by available Bravo for 3 years
  • Clash with available Turbo for two years
  • Clash by available prime for two years
  • Clash by available Doom for a year
  • Clash by available ipfox for a year
  • Clash by available Golden for a year
  • The involvement of car provides HD for a year
  • Subscription to apply the Saw for a year
  • Clash with BeoutQ for a year

The biggest office movies and TV series and programmes for kids on all requirements and the application of YouTube

Has official available at the entrance to the Internet supports wifi with internal ROM.

The price of the Recife SPIDER V900

Priced official offer 60 dinars Jordanian, 1500 Egyptian pounds, 320 SAR

Ask about this device is the nearest distributor to you

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