Preview products before you buy them are available now in the app Amazon for Android

المُنتجات أمازون أندرويد

المُنتجات أمازون أندرويد

The company launched the Amazon a new update for their application on the Android system added the possibility to preview products before buying them, this depending on the technology of augmented reality AR in the Android system ARCore.

And when you open the app pressing the icon of the camera and then choosing en to activate the camera, virtual reality, and then test the product to show the preview of it in order to employee will remain inside the home or office by request.

And don’t think Amazon is the only one that benefit from this technology, the company “IKEA” IKEA is specialized in the areas of upholstery made of the same property within its applications on smart phones to see the furnishings before ordering them.

The preview products before buying them now available in the app Amazon for Android appeared first on tech world.

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