Prevents the discovery of “putting specialist”.. 4 features in the updated Google Chrome

The company launched the Google new update for the browser “Google Chrome”, the operating systems of Windows , Mac and Linux and Android and iOS, which provides a range of new features useful, some needs to activate such as to prevent the discovery of Incognito.

The company says it’s designed to reduce motion directly to rotary motion when viewing parallax scrolling, zooming, animation effects and other.

تحديث جوجل ChromeUpdate Google Chrome

It also added enhanced functionality to a video PiP (picture in picture), and updates errors, mistakes, the usual.

After that, the guide features stealth mode and get rid of the future in “Chrome 74” but neither has been deployed fully, the Prohibition of discovery of Incognito directly need to enable it yourself, as follows:

  • Enter chrome: // flags / in the Chrome window.
  • Find the incognito mode, and then enable the application programming interface of the file system in incognito mode.
  • Doing so will close the loophole that allows sites to determine if the user breathes in disguise or not, which means that your perception of it will already be a special review.

تحديث جوجل ChromeUpdate Google Chrome

As provided an update to chrome ‘s new feature of Dark Mode, which arrived last month on the operating system MacOS with Chrome 73, while the Today’s update support operating system, Windows 10, and will not get them all users, but there is a trick to get it, as follows:
  • Scroll to the shortcut that you use to run Chrome and open the properties.
  • Then at the end of the target location, add “- Force – Dark Mode”.
  • Will enable dark mode when you run Chrome, although you if you open it normally from the taskbar installed, you will need to uninstall it then install it again until the installation of the service.

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