President Coinbase: 2019 will be the best year to invest in cryptocurrencies

Because Bitcoin fell sharply in December, investors have ceased to hope Santa will bring good news for the new year. However, the market still turned and in the last week, the coin has gained about 25 percent. President Coinbase Asif Hirji not left without attention this event in the transmission of Fast Money on CNBC. He noted that “not surprised” of what is happening, because the industry will continue to grow in the coming years and beyond.

Criptural will see even more innovation

When Hirji asked what he thinks about the rebound of the stock market, he remembered an old saying of Warren Buffett: “Be greedy when others are afraid and afraid when others are greedy”. In his opinion, a double-digit correction of the dominant cryptocurrency is justified.

Despite the significant drop in Bitcoin historical Maksimov at the end of 2017, and 2018 of block chain infrastructure has developed much bigger than ever. Hirji, recalled the words of the partner of Blockchain Capital Spencer Bogart that in this industry continue to flock to the best developers that create breakthrough projects.

We should not forget about the influx of institucionales. NewsBTC recalls that the traditional players on the type of Nasdaq and ICE already fully immersed in work on their own cryptoprocta. ICE plans to launch a universal trading kriptolodzhika through which people begin to live just a couple of clicks away from cryptocurrencies.

Talking about the market in General, including indicators of Coinbase and rapid development of infrastructure, Hirji said that 2019 will be “the best year to enter institucionales in scriptural”.

Today Bitcoin is trading at 3880 dollars in capitalization in 67,76 billion. The whole niche of coins worth 127 billion. The share of the first cryptocurrency exceeded 53.3% of this indicator.

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