Presents the unusual concept of the iPhone (2020)

In 2020, Apple will introduce the iPhone with a new design. Now the Network can find a lot of ambitious projects that demonstrate the possible appearance of new items. Usually, designers rarely hit the target – and the final product is pretty seriously different from the concepts. Was no exception and the project from conceptual, hiding under the alias Kevin Gnocchi. The new concept looks too fantastic, but no less interesting.

The author of the project believes that in 2020, Apple will decide to radically change and will refuse all physical buttons on the body. But that’s not all — the concept shows the iPhone, which will receive full support wireless charging at a larger distance, as well as a curved screen in the style of smartphones Samsung.

The project’s author is sure that the iPhone (2020) would lose the characteristic indentations in the screen. Instead, it is only a small hole for the speaker. Front camera will be located under the display, and will not be visible in everyday use.

The curved screen will appear in the novelty is not just like that, says enthusiast. First, it will increase the display size of the device, without physically increasing the size. Second, the OS will be a special widgets. To access them, it will be enough to brush away from the edge of the display. Something like we have seen in Samsung smartphones.

Another very interesting option is wireless charging. According to the authors of the concept, the company will add set the adapter that will allow you to charge your smartphone at a distance of 20 metres. And the pairing process will be extremely simple. By the way, Apple had worked on the technology of wireless charging, what you say is eloquently registered patents. However, there are doubts that this project will ever be realized.

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