Presents the first sneakers made from… chewing gum

One can hardly find a person who has never chewed gum. As in any school, if you look under the countertop, you can certainly find a whole deposits of this gum. But what if chewing gum can somehow be reused? It is this and engaged one of the firms of Amsterdam, producing from its exhaust gum sneakers.

Basically minus the gum to the environment (and at the same time + for recycling) is that it is subject to the natural process of decomposition, as it consists of substances similar to rubber. So-called synthetic rubber. It is much cheaper than natural, but due to the inability to decompose the gum can form a whole “ruminants dump” on sidewalks and roadsides.

To implement a project to clean the environment have teamed up once 3: urban Iamsterdam marketing company, design firm, Explicit Wear and the company Gunshoe. They decided to use for the production of soles of sneakers, a chewing gum, which, according to estimates, every year the streets of Amsterdam every year to collect about 1.5 million tons. The collected gum is processed for the production of synthetic rubber, from which later produced a substance Gum-Tec, which is the basis of sneakers. One kilogram of gum is sufficient to produce 4 pairs of shoes. According to manufactures,

“Sam Gum-Tec is made in the form of granules, and then from them already molded sole. It turns out she’s as strong as rubber, though the smell of gum. Of course, to chew it not worth it. Besides, it is not sticky. The remaining part of the Shoe is made from leather and the cost of the final product is 190 euros.”

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