Presents a realistic concept iOS 13

In the Network almost every day there are bold new concepts from a variety of designers. All is good, if not one but – reconstituted products often do not correspond to the ideology and language of Apple’s design. However, there are worthy projects – one of these is the concept of iOS 13 from the designer, hiding under the pseudonym Demonstrates. We offer you to familiarize yourself with this project.

The first key change, which is represented in the concept — customizable lock screen. According to the author, users will be able to move the labels and add your own.

Create concept assumes that the iPhone will appear Always On Display. Hard to believe, but all of a sudden?

The design of the operating system will not protecet major changes, and will only be slightly updated — new icons integrated applications dark mode.

A very useful improvement — now the voice assistant will not block a running application.

The long-awaited innovation — the incoming call will finally collapse without rejecting the call. And in General, the call interface looks more concise and simple.

On iPad, a full-fledged guest mode with profile settings for each user. A very useful feature if a device uses several people.

The author of the project believes that every app in iOS 13 can be blocked with code or Touch ID/Face ID.

This concept can rightly be called very successful, since it incorporates not only the latest rumors about iOS 13, but all the wishes of users. The full project can be found on YouTube.

How do you like the concept? Waiting for your opinions in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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