Presented tablet Pad Xiaomi Mi 4: Snapdragon 660 for only $ 170

Tablet Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 also appeared on the website of the manufacturer before official announcement, although late to the smartphone Redmi 6 Pro.

In this case, unlike the said smartphone, everything is fine. In the sense that the tablet has, in my opinion, excellent.

Judge for yourself, there’s a powerful Snapdragon SoC 660, eight-inch display 1920 x 1200 pixels and normal battery at 6000 mAh at a price of only 170 dollars!

However, in this case, you get 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory. For the version 4/64 GB you need to pay for $ 215, but still offer a great. And for 230 bucks you get another modem LTE.

The tablet also got cameras on 13 and 5 MP and not received a fingerprint scanner. Instead, he does the facial recognition technology. Probably for home device it even better, although here as anyone. Yet there is a USB-C port and Bluetooth 5.0. The equal dimensions of 200.2 x 120,3 x 7.9 mm and weight of 342.5 g. the choice available black and pink.

Do you like this novelty? If I needed a tablet, I would have clearly saw the Mi Pad 4.

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