Presented Spigen cases for iPhone X design of the original iMac and iPhone

In honor of his decades-known accessory maker Spigen, the company launched a new line of covers for iPhone X. dedicated fans of the products Apple will definitely want to own one of these covers, because when you create this series in Spigen was inspired by the design of the original iPhone and the original iMac. They look very attractive.

To return your iPhone X back in 1997, called covers, which repeat the ideas of the designers of the iMac G3 with its plastic coloured chassis. These covers will come in five different colors: turquoise, red, gray, silver and green. On the reverse side of the cover you can see the touching inscription “hello again”, written exactly as it was written “hello” on the screen of the first Mac in 1984.

A similar design and of cases that return X iPhone in 2007. The lower part is made of black plastic, and the main part simulates aluminum casing of the original iPhone. Protruding black buttons also are designed to remind you of the legendary smartphone. Unlike cases in the design of the iMac, there is a cutout that leaves the Apple logo on your iPhone is fully open.

The cases design is very attractive, it is also a quality product. Covers quite a bit thicker than the original leather case for iPhone X, and they are able to protect your device. To purchase one of these covers on Indiegogo for $ 35. Remember that the offer is limited.

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